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Autobiographical Stories from James G. Houston

No matter where you start in life, you can be a source of positive change. This is the theme of my books Growth of a Man and Food for Thought. In Growth of a Man, I tell the story of my life from the time I was very young. With advice and guidance from my older brother, I have lived a successful and exemplary life. I hope that my newest book, Food for Thought, will inspire people to bridge the gap that divides our country.


Named Book of the Year for Growth of a Man by New York City Guardian's Chronicle, 2015

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About James G. Houston

As a nonfiction writer, I used my background and experiences to write an autobiographical book and a book that chronicles our times. I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Rockville Centre, New York, at the age of 9. I am married and the father of 2. I am also a retired Assistant Deputy Warden from the New York City Department of Corrections.

I come from a close-knit family and humble beginnings, both of which inspired Growth of a Man. I hope the book shows that I care about all families in America, not just my own.

Racial injustice throughout the United States of America was my inspiration for Food for Thought. My wish for this book is that it promotes constructive dialogue on a variety of issues that are dividing the country. I would like to thank: Alinda Houston-Woods, John M. Houston, Renny Creble, Michelle Cameron-Issacs, Preston Weekes, and Terrance Johnson Sr. They are some of the people that helped me make this book better.

James G. Houston

"Some leave you with Jargon, while others leave you with persuasive Rhetoric, and others with mere words. I'm giving you Food for Thought."


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